frequently asked questions

1. Can I bring more than one dog to the doghouse?

Yes! We offer discounted rates for multiple pets! Be sure to contact us to discuss multi-pet prices!

2. How many dogs do you usually have at the doghouse?

We always have Belly, our resident black lab. We typically have 2-5 guests at any time. If your furry friend prefers to be alone, please contact us to discuss exclusive bookings!

3. What should I bring for overnight stays at the doghouse?

Food. Bed. Toys. Blankets. Cage if preferred. Anything that will make your furry family feel more comfortable.

4. What happens if my dog has an emergency at the doghouse?

All guests are required to sign a waiver and veterinary pre-authorization. We will ensure that our guests receive prompt medical attention in case of emergency. We will contact you first to discuss any situations and required actions.. 

5. How do I know my dog will be a good fit at the Doghouse?

We offer all guests the opportunity to do a 20-minute meet-and-greet prior to first booking.

6. What if I need to cancel my booking at the doghouse?

All confirmed reservations are fully refundable and subject to a $15 refund processing fee.

7. How does pick-up & drop-off work at the Doghouse?

We will schedule appointment times in advance. drop-offs are accepted after 8am and pick-ups are accepted until 9pm. delayed pick-ups & drop-offs that result in extra stay time may be subject to additional fees. Additional round-trip Pick-up & drop-off service is available with all bookings for an additional $20.

8. How can I check-in on my dog at the doghouse?

Once you drop off, your dog will be happy, well-fed and played with at the Doghouse. We will send routine photo updates and you can follow our days on instagram @TheDCDoghouse !